Marriage is a physical & a spiritual covenant. It must be protected at all costs, and requires constant attention & care! It is also incredibly fun & a new adventure every day. Marriage is complete vulnerability & mutual trust between two broken people. It is creating a home & a life with another person. It is creating a whole new family together. This is a page where I will share posts & thoughts about the joy of marriage & sharing your life with someone.

5 Highlights – West Palm Beach Getaway

Going into this past winter, Brandon & I realized that we had not taken a vacation since our honeymoon in 2011! Yikes. SO, we decided to spend some much needed time away (from kids, work, Indiana weather) together! Here are five highlights from the trip! 1. Clematis Street I did a LOT of research before…

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5 Re-calibrations in the New Year – This More Than That

Welcome! I decided that my first post in 2018 (and ever) should be something to motivate myself to have a better year. SO here we go…Instead of coming up with some new (or old) resolutions that I will ditch pretty quickly, I decided to choose 5 things that I wanted to do “more than” others….

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